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Well, where to start. I promised a couple pictures of the city marina entry. So here’s those.  

 This is from the inside, as you can see a pretty small opening. 

 This is from the top of the bridge looking into the marina. You might just be able to see the little green boat. I had read some reviews that said there wasn’t much water at the dock, but because I only need 9 inches I didn’t worry. Boy was I surprised to find myself in the mud one night, wasn’t even a negative tide. So anyhow you need to pay attention to the tide range and water depth at your particular stall.

The town is a little gem, friendly people, great facilities within just a few blocks. I’m assuming this is the “Old Florida” feel we hear about and strive to find. If it was 15 degrees cooler it would be perfect, and in another month or so it will be cooler. I even went through the museum and learned some of the history of the area. If you are in the area, it’s well worth the trip out to see and it is quite a ways off the beaten path. 

Now for some breaking news, calculating headwinds, time remaining, fun factory, stamina level, logistic values, etc. I have decided this will be the end point for this voyage. End on a high note and all. I’ve spent the last 48 hours making phone calls, soul searching and brainstorming to plan an exit strategy /re-entry to society and it looks like I have a workable plan. I located a trailer suitable for my boat (not easy here), I am renting a uhaul to tow the boat to Pensacola to store with my friend Pat. It’s a huge favor because it might be stored for a year. When I return sometime next year I will purchase a vehicle (maybe a camper) and be more free to move around to attend different events and follow the weather at a much slower pace. 

I would have liked to get to Key West not so much to visit Key West but to close the loop or arc in my mind, but it would be a real push to do it with the time and enthusiasm I have left, thus severely denting the fun factor. 

As the memories from the trip settle in my mind I will do some more posting on the insights gathered, what worked for me and what didn’t, perhaps some “secrets” on how I lived what I thought was pretty comfortably on a small boat for this long. So keep checking back if that sort of thing interests you. I also have some videos to add when I find nerd level wifi. 

 Top picture is huevos rancheros from Holey Moley, second is Cajun seafood medley from Tony’s, both I would recommend.