The wind wasn’t as kind today, had to do some windward work to get around a point, then the wind just died about 6:30, I anchored and got my chores out of the way as a thunderstorm hit, the wind isn’t that bad, I should be trying to sail it but I’m just too tired. 

I’m anchored just under three miles out in 4 feet of water. This little place doesn’t seem to have cell service but I’m surprised how good the coverage has been on this remote stretch. 

The sucker fish or a sucker fish was on my rudder today, I tried to pushing him off but he just kept moving down out of reach. He wasn’t there when I pulled it up for the night. 

Cedar Keys is my next planned layover day, only about 30 more miles, but I think it will take 2 days or more. The wind is supposed to be out of the south tomorrow, which is just about the worst direction possible.