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  An early morning start as I didn’t want to get stuck by the tide, which is really high these days. The wind was pretty good to me today and no tacking was required. 

As the miles ticked by I decided to try and stop at a hotdog stand in Keaton Beach, the timing was about right. As I got closer to Keaton Beach there was more and more traffic, speed boats, rentals, pontoons,jet skis and even airboats. I had chosen a beach to land on from the satellite photo, but as I got close enough there were many signs saying no boats, swimming area only. I really didn’t see any other options and the traffic was really getting thick, so the stop turned into a drive by. The wind was still favorable so I sailed a few miles more and dropped anchor as a thunderstorm hit.  

These are after the storm shots. 

I was adjusting my rudder up haul line today and removing a pile of weed when I saw the tail of a fish sticking out. There was some sort of ramora or sucker fish hitching a ride. I wonder how many of those were down there. I also wonder what sort of drag that would create.