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Another day of few miles. I wanted to stop at the lighthouse here so it actually was my goal today. Arrived around 3:30 and decided to inspect and scrub the bottom of the boat at the ramp here. Only a few barnacles after I scraped off the first batch awhile back, either the copper is working or something else is, just happy for the lack of growth. After the bottom scrub I tied off the boat to the dock and was going to hike over to the lighthouse, then I saw it, a 3 foot alligator right at the ramp.  

   You can’t really make out the gator in the picture but trust me, it’s there, just the head is above water, kinda camera shy. 

I almost forgot I had this, the black line off the port side is an Anchor Buddy, it acts like a giant rubber band to hold my boat off the dock. Perfect use for it today. After getting back from the lighthouse I left the dock to anchor, the parking lot is now empty, so it’s just me and the alligator. 

Tomorrow I expect to start tacking my way down the coast in light winds, but who knows what the wind has in mind for me. The coastline here is just filled with little places to anchor for the night, that helps a lot.