Atlast, decent wind and good sailing today after tacking out of Dog Island. I was going to layup on one of the good looking beaches on the way in here but there were some enticing services here in Panacea. I had not planned on stopping here but I was so close and I had the time. First off the marina no longer takes transients, but for me they would charge $50 to tie up overnight, I’m soo special. The county dock has zero boats in any of its slips and signs saying they will tow away unauthorized boats, the locals say they mean it. So to exercise my rights as a citizen I used satellite photos to find a street that ended at the water, anchored my boat and waded in. Went straight to the small grocery store and replaced some things I ate in the last few days and they had a sale on canned ravioli. On the way back I found a nice local style place to eat at. 

 Now that’s a big ole pile of shrimp. 

This is the spot to anchor.  

 There is an old barge marking the spot that looks like it will be there forever. 

The people are friendly, services are a short walk away, but they don’t seem to cater to boaters. 

Really big tides today so I’m hard aground for an hour or two in nice hard mud/sand. I didn’t want to get my shorts wet. Hopefully I don’t have to tack all the way back out tomorrow.