In case anybody ever wondered what Dog Island looked like. If it seems like there is nothing here it’s because there IS nothing here. I did manage to put my tiny bag of rubbish in their compactor and top off my washing water supply, it tasted odd though so not going to top off drinking water. Talked to a nice guy fishing for bait, he confirmed nothing else here. You don’t squander resources or facilities out here, if you find something, utilize it. 

 Anyhow, before I tell you about today’s sail, last night had a very surreal quality to it. I was at least half asleep and the boat moved a bit, I sat up and found a very tall heron standing on my deck looking in the front window. He tapped the glass like he wanted to talk, but then left before I could ask what he wanted. Apparently he was trying to tell me the morning tide was going to be very low and I should seek deeper water and while I was at it I should check out the phosphorescent show going on. He was was right. Very cool. The normal little sparkles but also big flashes as well. 

Now back to the sailing part. Another day of high hopes. Last night the wind clocked to the south and at 3 I woke up to find it out of the west. Fantastic, but at dawn there was no wind at all. I waited until 9 but still nothing, so more yuloh practice. Eventually there was enough wind to push me along at .8 to 1.4 knots and by 2pm it started to fill in. By that time this was the last stop I could make during daylight. 12.99 miles made good… 

 Now that’s a serious lack of wind. Not what you want to see on a sailing trip.