I had high hopes for today. Set the alarm for 4am to get an early start with the tide. Wind was on the nose and I didn’t feel like tacking out the channel in the dark. Left the dock at 7 and the wind stayed in my face all day, a light wind at that. My gps tracks on either tack veered away from the bridge I was meant to go under so I actually resorted to dropping the mast and leading the boat around the beach, under the bridge and past the electric lines. Wish somebody was there for that picture. Once past the bridge the current wasn’t as bad and I continued on slowly. I had prepared waypoints for a bunch of potential stops but didn’t even get close. Total for today was about 45 minutes of walking and a bit over 10 hours of sailing for 9.2 miles made good, awesome! That’s about a 10 minute drive, and I will see the lights of Apalach tonight. 

I must admit this is a nice spot, and I did have some time to relax before dark. Being off the dock and on anchor is a welcome change as well.

In the next few days I’m sure to lose cell coverage for who knows how long. Maybe months if I don’t get my miles back up there. Just so everyone knows, I do carry a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) and unless that gets activated I’m either fine or beyond the need for help.