To try not to over do my shore activities I did most of my shopping yesterday and saved laundry for today, good thing because late last night and today I was just worn out. I think the heat is really hitting me hard so I’m trying extra hard to hydrate and stay in the shade. Today is Sunday here and almost everything is closed making that more difficult. The wind is trying to work against me again so I’m not sure how far I will get tomorrow. I may have to get a predawn start to use the tide.

I’ve had a couple of excellent meals while here to try and hold me over for the remoteness ahead. I’m starting to get used to the prices, but I think they are only going to get worse as I continue into Florida.

Did some boat chores a little while ago. The hatch slides needed wax as they were starting to stick a bit. Cleaned and waxed the yuloh pivot, it was starting to squeak or my arm was. The mast was starting to move a tiny bit more than normal and as I suspected there was sand under it that got pumped up through the drain raising it about an eighth of an inch allowing more play at the wedge area. Washed that all out and I will have to remember to keep checking that. 

Overall this has been a great stop, I would return, but never, ever in the summer.  

 This is a picture taken from my shady bench, that black pole infront of the powerboat is my mast.