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Tides and currents are a big factor for a motor less sailboat. The tides are easy to predict, there’s an app for that. The currents from those tides require local knowledge, knowledge that seems to be lost here due to the reliance on motors. The way you fix most problems on a powerboat/motor sailer is to advance the throttle. Bad weather, headwind, current, late for dinner, out of cold drinks, simply add power until the problem goes away. 

The last couple of sections of ditch had the same direction of current with the tide, unfortunately this section was reverse and reversed again on the other end. When I just can’t make a knot against the current I anchor. I had to do that twice trying to get to the White City dock and then ended up waking up at 11pm to take advantage of the tide. It was a beautiful night, I got about an hour of glorious slow sailing after moon rise, but the rest was yuloh practice, over 5 hours. Thankfully the current increased in my favor to make it mentally less painful. After arrival at the docks I crashed for about 2 hours and woke up to find the the current still going good so I shoved off for another round. I just managed to sneak into Lake Wimico against the building current. Once in the lake the wind really filled in under a thunderstorm and I flew across the lake heavily reefed. I decided to try my luck pushing against the expected current on the other end only to find a strong current going my way. That with the wind had me going over 6 knots at times, getting me to the the city dock in Apalachacola a day early by my estimates.  


What a nice treat, it’s a floating dock with cleats, wobbly cleats, but cleats, AND little wake action last night. As you can see I already made one pass at the Piggly Wiggly just 4 blocks away. Will get fresh produce before I leave. 

Had a walk around this morning before it gets too hot and it’s a very nice quiet little town. A little touristy but not bad. A lot of old style houses and converted old buildings downtown. 

I still need to find a laundry for tomorrow and rest up for the Big Bend area, still not sure how I’m going to attack that one. 

One of the reasons I went the back way to get here is because I really needed this stop before the Big Bend and wasn’t sure I could get up the river, looks like a good choice, the current is pretty relentless.