After a peaceful night it was a slow buildup of wind all morning until I got here  

 I thought for sure I saw Gandalf on this bridge yelling “You shall not pass!” and for awhile I couldn’t. There was a small chain of thunderstorms coming at me right over the bridge, so it was reef, unreef, reef, unreef, reef… You get the picture. I knew it would pass eventually so I decided to try for the park at the base of the bridge to refill water jugs and maybe find some nice place for lunch. Well first there was no water at the park. I did sneak around and find a spigot on the side of a college building but that park had bbq grills, pavilions, paved ramp, just no water. The only restaurant I could find nearby on google maps ended up being closed for over 5 years I was told, so I ended up with a microwave sandwich and snacks from a marina store, wasn’t bad actually. By the time I got back to the boat it was smooth sailing for several hours. I was looking at my charts trying to figure out how far I could go or how far I should go and ended up picking a real nice spot called Pearl Bayou. Pretty much all around protection and some nice shallow sand for me. Maybe I should have pressed on but the wind was fading and I had a very long day yesterday, so early day to rest up. 

This area is part of the Airforce Base so those are Airforce patrol boats? It’s possible I might be welcome on their picnic grounds but I’m not going to “chance em” as they say back home. 

If you look ahead you can see that I already decided to do another section of ditch, there hasn’t really been any barges the last week, maybe one a day. The last section I did was a workout but scenic and peaceful at the same time. I might regret it later but  the die is cast.