My day started early, I awoke to find myself surrounded by expensive fishing boats jockeying for position to catch really tiny fish to use as bait. Because of the proximity to all these high end homes I assume the spot is fished or baited out, yet today six boats throwing nets. 

Today I got wind right off the bat which was nice, at least for the first half of the day. Audrey and Kent had said they might come out and sail with me in their Lugger and asked my ETA at a point. I sent one based on my current speed but was a bit off as the wind filled in. I guess we missed sighting each other by about 20 minutes. Hope they had a good sail, conditions were hard to beat. 

I had chosen to try the ditch today and it wasn’t horrible, but only because there was no traffic. I got a few more hours of yuloh practice in and there was a nice favorable tide, but I ended up anchoring after sunset because I wanted to get all the way out before stopping for the night. Long day, wasn’t sure I’d get all the miles.