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Had a nice meet up and breakfast with some new friends Audrey, Kent, Murry and Pat. It was great to swap stories and finally meet face to face. 

No wind to speak of as they escorted me out of town. The wind then started from the east, and soon died completely so I started yulohing to a wind patch I could see ahead. Turns out it was the normal wind for this area, S and W, nice. I blew off all my bailout points I had stored and kept going until about 6pm. I’m in a tiny bayou with very expensive homes. Just short of the bridge. So far so good, a bit of wind gets in here but no waves so far. 

A funny thing happened on the way here. I was almost rescued by the Coast Guard, apparently somebody called in an obviously unmanned sailboat crossing the bay. Anyhow I noticed them coming up behind me and opened the hatch to see what was up. They asked a few questions then sped off satisfied that I was not a ghost ship. 

Tomorrow I hopefully have some nice wind for the section of ditch that is coming up, otherwise it could be a very long day or two.  

 My new friends minus Kent who took this picture. That’s Juana’s in the background.