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How can you pass up a place named Peg Leg Pete’s? I was headed someplace else but just had to stop when I read the Active Captain reviews. It was tighter to get into than I expected and super busy, but I grabbed a slip and had a nice seafood combo. After dinner I decided to grab a few extra miles while the wind was out of the east and ended up at Range Point. Range Point is part of a park and just past the last set of high rise condos. I anchored on a large shoal about 3 feet deep.  

This is Peg Leg Pete’s

Today like the last few days I’ve had to wait for the tide, it was a two hour wait today and this was the spot  


Fort Mcree Cove, not actually inside, this is the  back of the Big Lagoon side. I couldn’t quite tack against the tide with the light wind (I did try though) so here I wait, very nice. Fort Mcree has been described to me by a couple people as the best anchorage in this part of Florida. I can see what a nice hurricane hole it would be, the sand and water both very nice. But today is Saturday, today the inside was filled with powerboats. As it turns out this little corner I pictured here was the only spot not filled. Just out of frame are a couple families on pontoon boats.