This morning I got a call from Pat and he came by in his cool microtrawler to shoot the breeze. I’ll probably meet up with him again before I leave the area. Meeting some real nice people here. 

Sailing was almost a total loss today, light variable winds, and the tide wasn’t waiting. I ended up anchoring behind a tiny spoil island for about 3 hours until the tide was slack. Complete lack of wind so more yuloh practice. I arrived at the Big Lagoon Park, pulled up on the sand to utilize their bathrooms and the outdoor shower/clothes washer combination. I thought I might be able to get 4 or 5 more miles east, but my afternoon thunderstorm had me stopping less than a mile away. This one seems to be mostly rain,  


big fat rain, and a little lightning, close though.  The wind might come later so I anchored pretty far out in about 4 feet. It’s hard to beat the internal comforts of the Paradox design in situations like this.