Well it didn’t take long but I’m all casinoed out. Did my laundry last night and beat a thunderstorm back to the boat by just a couple minutes. 8 miles of walking for the day, that should hold me for a few more stops. This morning I visited the nearby post office and mailed another box of unused items home, which might just do it. Had another nice breakfast and was yulohing out of the marina by 10 for a light wind sail to Horn Island. I like when the next anchorages are close like this, it’s only 5pm. 

The water didn’t look that inviting so I anchored way out in about 4 feet. I really can’t predict the wind yet and don’t like being so close in when the wind does a 180 or several. 

Tomorrow will probably be Petit Bois or Dauphin island. Petit Bois is kinda close so I will try and press on, just depends on the wind.