Another day of forecast SW winds that ended up NW, at least it was wind. Ended up pinching (as tight as possible) into it all day as well as a 3 foot messy chop. About 2pm the chop calmed down a bit. I was steering from below all day as the waves kept washing the deck and slamming the windows. 

Managed to arrive about 20 minutes after the snack bar closed, awesome! 

Ship Island is a civil war era fort with an interesting history, did have a chance to look around a bit after the last tour boat departed. 

The water here seemed inviting and alligator free so I actually took a little swim and scrubbed about 1/8 of a knot worth of growth off the bottom. Mostly off the stern as that doesn’t get scrubbed in groundings.  

The island is closed after sunset but you can anchor out. Another lightning show tonight. 

Biloxi is the choice for tomorrow, not that far and I think I’ll try and stay a couple days to eat casino buffets.