After finally sorting out my breakfast and paying the bill I was off to try my luck again. On the way up river I noticed what looked like a pass that might save me a few miles, my one local knowledge source said “yes, it might work for your boat”. So off I drifted down river made the left turn and as it has been lately the chart was way, way off. I spent much of the day sailing over spots that should be land and going around spots that should be water. I am actually starting to get my own sense of how to navigate without charts here by using wave patterns, binoculars, drifting plant mats, crab trap floats, pvc pipes, tide rips, currents, etc.

Not going to complain as I went forward almost the entire day, slowly but forward. The sail and sun umbrella blocked the sun so I avoided melting all but about 2 hours today. I arrived at the last decent anchor point at just about the right time to make a relaxing evening of it. The wind is finally blowing nice for the last 2 hours, perhaps it will hold for tomorrow. 

Two choices tomorrow, Grand Gosier or Chadeleur Islands. I will plan a drive by of Gosier, if the wind and time look good I will keep going, but probably won’t happen. I only made about 14 miles today in 10 hours. 

Using the anchor light tonight so the boat will be covered in bugs tomorrow, a big selection of living and dead.  

As you can see with my poor navigation skills I ended up sailing over and anchoring on land again. No real current coming out of this pass either.