Wasn’t expecting much but it’s actually a nice little sandbar type of island. Would have gone ashore but didn’t want to disturb the many hundreds of birds. Getting here though, typical for the week. Weather forecast for sw winds 5-10, actual ended up with thunderstorms going west to east and naturally winds out of the north!?! After 18 hard won miles of reefing and unreefing I’m relaxing as the sw wind finally comes out at 5 pm. Hopefully it sticks around for tomorrow’s miles but I doubt it. 

I’ve decided I’m tired of oil wells now as well as alligators. Hard to believe how many there are. Spent another day avoiding them. 

Still have some of my “deck load” food and one gallon of the bottled water left. Almost back down to normal cruising provisions. Only one apple left from Shell Morgan though, a couple didn’t make it. Provision stops look to be much closer together from Biloxi onwards. 

Looking forward to seeing another sail on the horizon someday soon. I sometimes feel like I’m unsuccessfully trying to introduce sailing to the area.  

 Bad picture that doesn’t do the spot justice