Well the winds were a little more like NW than SW but they were stable. A little reefing but maintained a nice speed and didn’t melt. Arrived a little after 1, nothing else within reach though, so relaxing and some chores when it cools down a bit. Great little group of islands to explore, again nothing resembling the chart. Had to hop out and push a bit after sliding to a halt in seaweed. Looks like a clear route out in the morning. No cell signal yet, sometime tomorrow I expect. I could see this place being a destination. Noticed a large private motor yacht a mile or more away as I came in. 

Tomorrow I try for Ship Island but if the wind says no it will be something further east. Fewer oil wells today. I can see the bottom here although it’s only a foot deep, a welcome change from the rancid chocolate milk colored, alligator infested waters of the last couple weeks. 

Rapidly coming up on one month of sailing and I estimate I must be about half way across the gulf, hopefully the hard half is behind me. 

After worrying about my stove fuel I’m still using the original canister, so the 6 canisters I bought will be over 6 months worth.  

Several other tour yachts came in overnight, fishing tours I guess. One group came out to take a picture of me as I was sailing out, nobody invited me for breakfast…