I awoke to thundershowers, those usually have wind.  

I waited out the big one and pulled anchor about 9 am, figuring I’d just re anchor if things looked bad. I was cruising down the coast thinking that it didn’t even resemble either one of my charts. Then ended up stuck in a deadend, once I got turned around into deeper water and back into the boat I had to go way north to retrace my inbound track. I had yulohed  in after dark. Finally got on the outside of the new waterfront and moving nicely toward the pass. Just watched a couple boats so I could figure out where might be good. Made the turn, wind died, moving backwards again. I was just getting set to add 50 feet of anchor line and wait it out, again, but a fisherman came by and offered to tow me upriver to Port Eads Marina. I couldn’t face another day of melting and accepted. Good thing, 7pm and still no wind. 

So here I am, Port Eads is another of those odd places, all new, a couple of nice live in employees and high end fisherman prices. I can justify the expense because it’s my only chance to spend anything this entire week, but still, $3 a foot for my boat? I opted for the $60 bunk room with breakfast, laundry, showers,wi-fi. It’s nice but I hope the wind blows tomorrow. 

The charts for here are so far off its all seat of the pants and local knowledge stuff, but no locals to ask anything and certainly no sailors. I haven’t seen another sail since Galveston and I don’t remember seeing a single sailboat since Texas, not even a hobie cat. 

Catching up on my posts and I think I have 4 more days give or take until Biloxi area and more services. 

Looking at the map, Biloxi should put me about halfway for this trip, and the second half seems to have many more options for stops and sailing legs.