Looked like an easy but long day. Light winds across to south pass, and then nothing, nothing but the current from this leg of the Mississippi. There were little teaser breezes to blow on you for 30 seconds then die, I was in a tiny box on the chart plotter for 8 hours, the heat index was 119, I was melting in more ways than one. I looked behind me to see when the next teaser would get to me and was surprised to see a waterspout. Photo didn’t turn out and neither did the wind, out the waterspout I got about 4 minutes of 5 knot winds, then started drifting back. I was in water to deep to anchor and had to get closer in. A couple hours on the yuloh and I finally anchored at 10 pm, way short of my goal.  

 The windless waterspout, just fizzling out. Plus all the plant mats that come down the river.