I didn’t like the other options so I decided to do an overnight sail to the delta, probably would think twice about doing it again. My regular NOAA chart showed a couple groups of oil wells, but plenty of room to relax in between. When I got to the first group it didn’t look right, and it didn’t seem to end. I had noticed that much was not accurate chart wise in the previous few days, with the hurricanes and barges running everything down I guess it’s expected. I just started trying a new app called SeaNav, it uses vector charts, more up to date vector charts it seems. It had most of the new wells and OMG, I was snaking around wells all night and if you did get out in the clear a shrimp boat would try and mow you down. No moon, lighting storms several miles away all night, luckily I didn’t get hammered and had very calm following seas and wind. Arrived at the pass just at dawn, odd because I didn’t plan that. The next time I cross the Mississippi I will give it a much wider arc. Looks like it had close to 5 knots of current right at the jetties and some really odd wave patterns that had me looking over my shoulder constantly while gripping my seat with my butt cheeks . Eventually worked my way out of the current and about 3 miles north to anchor and crash. 

Taking the rest of today off then two more passes to contend with in the next few days. I don’t like where I anchored but I was ready to crash. No service here, not sure when it will return and I can post this.