A nice day of lake sailing, canals connect together a few lakes allowing me to bypass some of the ICW’s traffic and lack of wind. Saw more gators than people or boats, a welcome change. Tonight I stopped just short of the swinging bridge because it was about that time. I could have lowered the mast and slid under and may do that tomorrow if nobody is around when I’m ready. About 3 or 4 more miles and I get to the floodgates. If I have good wind like this afternoon I’m golden otherwise it’s the yuloh, which is becoming more my friend everyday. 

Trying to look ahead for possible routes and stops but I’m just out of 3G range here. Morgan City is now out as its flooding badly there and I’m looking at a total bypass of New Orleans. The sailing will be better but it’s a lot of days without supplies, real glad I stocked up. 

Just after lowering the mast and going under the bridge this morning, I spotted a very nice looking boat ramp, gotta be something there right? 

  Well I stopped and this is what’s there.  

 Awesome isn’t it? I must admit I did take advantage of the facilities. A local told me there was a gas station about 5 or 6 miles down the road, probably 10 plus on foot. There was also this offensive to somebody sign 
 The wind was light and the current was light but they were both going my way for a change. Had a brief chat with the friendly floodgate keeper and navigated my way up to Shell Morgan, really just a fuel dock but they have a couple spots for transients, simple but clean showers and just a block or two away the best stocked waterfront grocery store I’ve seen in many miles. The staff of both was very welcoming.