The owner here offered to drop me for shopping while she had a meeting today, loaded more food on than I thought possible. Even filled a couple dry bags that I will have to shuffle around until I eat my way through them. Better to run heavy a few days than put my faith in future supply stops. 

Finally found the butane canisters for my stove, was starting to worry because I’m still working on the first one and don’t know how long it will last. Probably have enough for months now. 

I talked to the floodgate operator at Schooner Bayou, the current is slow now but in the wrong direction. See how that pans out in the next few days it takes me to get there. He’s never had anybody sail it, I’m not surprised. Nobody sails here. With a good south wind it looks very doable. 

Hopefully it doesn’t take me to many hours to get back to Grand Lake and the wind. 


After my shower and before laundry I was invited to join the group of RV campers that were at the park for dinner! I had talked to a few of them during the day, nice folks. They seemed curious and I answered many of their questions, after dinner several came over to see the boat.  Nobody wanted to join me. Anyhow, a great feast, the best I can remember since San Diego, now that I think about it. Right about now I could use that second plate that I couldn’t eat last night. Thanks again for the invite and happy camping.