What was to be a rather short day of sailing became a very slow sail and paddle to Myer’s Landing. The wind is becoming truly evil. As I left the lake I had the forecast 10 knot winds from the south, I turned into the ditch for what should have been a reach, but no, 0-3 knots from the east! At every little bend the wind turned a bit to meet me head on. 

The wind is actually following the forecast but when it hits the trees and drops down into the ICW it gets all messed up and confused.  When I leave here I will make my way south to a series of lakes where the wind has to be better or at least less evil. 


 This is Myer’s Landing, really nice folks, $15, they have showers, laundry and a small store. 

 I’m clean again! But it won’t last 
I’m giving serious thought to hitting the gulf and skipping ahead a bit.