Today’s sail looked like an easy one, 18 miles down the ditch. Every weather source said south winds 10-15 all day for the next week. What I got was a slow moving tornado of annoyingly shifty winds. All the way from NE to SW, 0-15 knots, changing direction and speed every few seconds. A very challenging day especially when you add the barge traffic. 

The park at the end of the day is one of a kind on my trip so far. Water, showers, tent sites, trailer hookups, boat ramp, very tidy. Only problem is that it is so far from ever other place.  Luckily I got here and a couple of local guys were going to the parts store and offered me a ride. I blasted through the grocery store, grabbed some fresh veggies, apples and chocolate milk. Good on food and water now, but laundry doesn’t look good.  

 I decided to anchor out a bit and get ready for the skeeters, I have been warned they are especially nasty here.