I managed to get pretty much everything done that I could get done in Galveston. Mailed home some extra gear, probably do that again at the next big town. 

The boat ramp dock that I used was just crazy busy, all day, all night. I did meet another boat owner that was a bit of a pirate, and he pointed out the one and only water spigot. It was on the corner of a nearby business, which made topping off my water tanks a night recon mission. I was well prepared and it only took a couple of minutes to finish and disappear back into the shadows…

Water was the last item on my list so I moved back out to anchor in peace for an early departure. 

I am getting used to the barges, which is good because they are  back to back now. At one point I looked back and counted five, with three oncoming. I pulled up on the bank and waited it out. 

Tonight I stopped at Crab Lake, just a wide turnout really but quiet and I’ve had worse bugs.  

 The Gulf is on the other side of this barrier island and there is a good breeze. The number and sizes of barges in the picture is pretty much what I had today.