Did some errands here today at Offatt’s bayou , it’s going to be a great stop, everything I need is pretty close by, including Family Dollar, Westmarine, post office, Home Depot, multiple restaurants, etc.  After some internet research these fans looked like the best choice. I have to admit I’m liking it a lot. It came with a suction cup base that held for a few hours, but I didn’t trust it. It’s the Caframo 747. One is great but since I have the juice to spare I’ll be getting another as soon as I can, this store only had the one. Even trying to figure out if I can get one in the vent box, looks possible, just tough without my workshop.

Another item I needed to get, it was sold as a toilet brush, seems like a waste for such a fine anchor cleaner to be used on toilets, but hey it was less than $2 at Big Lots, next to the marine store. Depending on the bottom the anchor either comes up with a huge pile of mud or a really huge pile of mud.  

 Uh oh, Busted. Actually not this time, the local police were doing dive training on some of the wrecks around the ramp. Friendly bunch of guys, said it was no problem to stay here a couple days, and gave me info on the area. That’s a first on this trip.