The day started off early but it was slow going for several hours, most of my speed coming from the floodgates at the Brazos. Ghosting along, something I normally love, but today I needed miles. I was well planned out, I had a couple alternate stopping points selected, left just before light for extra hours before sunset, had my water and snacks restocked, but you can’t plan for everything.  

 I still had many hours of daylight left but I was tired, thought I might just stop early. As my alternate stops came up they all looked much better on paper, so I continued on. As I got within about 2 miles of Offatt’s bayou I needed to go to windward for a short distance to make the entry, usually no big deal, but today my timing was terrible. Just as I started tacking the wind and chop started to get worse and worse, eventually with the steep chop I was losing ground on each tack. The downwind escape route put me in the ship channel and missing Galveston completely. I ended up having to drop anchor just outside the channel in marginal conditions. I was in about 3-4 feet of water, very steep chop and a rough ride, winds got up to 40. That Mantis anchor held like a champ even with the severe bucking from the chop. 

I had made my choice and now just had to wait it out. I assembled my backup anchor in about 10 minutes, as it was the first time, and had it ready to go in case I drug the first or it chaffed the line. There was a lot of room and shallow water downwind, so that was comforting, except for the large sailboat washed up on the beach. Still tired, I finished my prep, set the anchor alarm, and tried to get a little nap while bouncing around. Nothing else to do really and sleep is a valuable commodity in situations like these. I did manage to get a decent nap in and about an hour and a half later the chop was way down with a favorable wind. 

It still took me until just after official sunset to tack my way deep into the far end of the bayou. It was raining now and I was sailing from down below, thinking how much I loved that option on this boat. Ended up anchored in 2 feet of what seems like sand and crashed out till morning.  

Morning photos.