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I’d been worried about the current flowing down the Brazos for awhile. Website said a little over 4mph, that’s just the cross current, also there is a current getting into or out of the gates. Did a bunch of research and there was really only one viable option besides waiting days or weeks.  

 The Solution was Jamal. He was out fishing, I waved him over and asked if could help me out, as you can see, he did, nice guy. He got some gas money and macnuts for making my day a whole lot easier. He towed me at about 5.5 knots I had the rudder down and steered the whole way to keep us inline. Worked well. 

No way I could have made it under my own power against that current. The current out of the gates swept me along for hours and hours at 1 to 3 knots.
The problem with going through that late was that the sun set. This is a pretty built up area with major barge traffic and a major port. Could not find a place to anchor and not get smashed by barges or their wakes. Ended up drifting most of the way through Freeport in the dark with luckily very little commercial traffic. Finally found a marina that I could get into and crashed for a few hours. Long day.