For a quiet beach park Magnolia Beach had a lot more fireworks than I expected last night. Put an extra shower in the bank this morning before heading out. Today’s goal was to get to the Colorado river locks and lock through tomorrow. The wind was light for the crossing of Matagorda Bay, speeds under 4 knots were typical. After the bay it was back to the ICW. I had a barge gaining on me for about 5 hours. When it got close I skirted the shore to give it more room, as the bow passed me the water got sucked from under me and I was suddenly sitting on the mud. I knew the water would be back with a vengeance after the tug passed so I just waited and was soon in the turbulent water of the tug’s wake.

Just before the lock is a little cut. I was hoping it would be suitable for an overnight as the charts are getting a little less reliable in this part of the world.  


Shots forward and aft. No wash from the passing tugs and only a couple of minutes to scull in, about 2.5 feet of water where I anchored. 

I called the lock keeper and he said no problem for me to transit the lock or use the bypass.  No construction tomorrow. 

The Brazos is supposedly running very fast and might be a different story. That one is coming up quick, tomorrow or the next day. 

I saw one sailboat today way off in the distance going the opposite direction. Sails up even and going to windward.