Pretty short and straight forward sail today. The beach here is actually a beach. 

So this would normally mark the end of the Texas 200, and there would be beer and a shrimp boil, music, stories, home movies, etc. The only thing waiting for me were a few nasty biting flies. I did find good pizza and chocolate milk a mile or two away, and the showers are going to be awesome a bit later tonight. 


Where is everyone?

Tonight I have to figure out my own next destination, eastbound on the ICW.

I’m still dialing the boat, gear and myself in for this new style of microcruising, very different than Hawaii. I’m liking it a lot. Going to have to send some gear home, trade my chain for lead which will give me more storage volume. I managed to break one of my fans that was barely adequate anyhow, so I will replace with two real marine fans ASAP. I should really try and work out a screen for the hatch, the bugs here suck, literally.

The charging problem I had last year was solved with added solar panels, mostly because of their location. Now at least one is in the sun all the time and even the overcast days were no problem. Placement on the hatch and cabin top are the worst placement choices when under sail. If I only had one panel I’d put it in front of the mast.