Another great day of sailing, Corpus Christi Bay and more. Quite a bit more boat traffic but still no sailboats out. It is a weekday though.

Lots to report today. A pod of dolphins was swimming with me today for about 5 minutes or so. They were only a couple feet away and in just the right spot to cover me with dolphin snot every time they surfaced, I didn’t mind though, I like dolphins.
I was looking for a cheap place to get all my land based chores done and found a place using the app Active Captain. Sounded like my kind of place. I called to check if they had laundry and showers, they did, and the price for my boat was $10. Perfect, I knew it was a bit run down, but that’s what I was looking for. House of Boats is just off the ICW, John is the owner and runs one of the only DIY boatyards around. Bathrooms were dated, but clean and functional. Just one set of laundry but that’s all I needed. John was just getting ready to do some errands and offered to take me to the store. Anyhow, I got everything done in couple hours and invited John out for dinner later to show my thanks. Thanks again John.
Also while I was there another Paradox owner saw me and stopped by, Mike Beebe, we had never met but paradox owners are a small group. Mike is building another Paradox after selling his first and regretting it. We talked about the different mods that we did, what worked, what didn’t.
I was tempted to stay another day but early in the morning a couple of nasty powerboat wakes convinced me that I needed to go or risk damage. I took another shower to save for later and cast off, Phoning in my goodbyes.
  First barge of the millions to come
  This thing could be seen from several miles away, an oil platform.