My plan this year was to ship my Paradox to south Texas and do the Texas 200 this year. Seemed doable, until they cancelled one ship and booked me for the next. It was going to be tight, but still doable. Then they cancelled that ship and I was suddenly going to be at least a week late.

I did tons of research and thinking, then decided to do the route anyhow, well past fashionably late. I picked up the boat in San Diego and started the road trip. 1500 miles and change.

The trip was luckily uneventful and I arrived intact, but tired. At one point during the trip Siri ( my phone that did all the navigating) said “remain on I-10 for 928 miles”. Going through Yuma the daytime temp was 110-115. I was worried my trailer tires were overheating, but they were just the same temp as the road, too hot to touch.
I ended up using the boat as a camper and sleeping at truck stops or Walmart. Worked well, but I really just wanted to be in the water.
Here are a couple photos


It’s a bit much truck to pull the boat, but the cheapest option I could find. From Hilo to Brownsville worked out to just over $1 per mile.