This is the guy in the slip next to me, I think he tried to pay in guano, I may try that next time. 

 Launching in Port Isabel was mostly pain free. I couldn’t find anything better than $30 a night, no services, at the city ramp. After launching and securing the boat I sold the trailer for almost nothing and drove to Brownsville to return the truck, caught the bus back, got some fresh fruit to cover me for the next few days and I was ready to go.
I did sleep in a bit to try and recover from the drive down but still got a decent start. The winds were very favorable as expected. Sailing in shallow protected waters is a real joy. When you do run aground, and you will, you sort of smoosh to a stop. Unlike Hawaii where you end up on jagged rocks or reef usually. After a couple smooshings I decided to get in the channel to make better progress since there was very little traffic there. As the hours and miles ticked by the wind increased and increased some more until I was running with about 15 sqft of sail out and still doing just over 4 knots as a few rain squalls blew over me. As I got to Port Mansfield I made a poor choice and went into the “town” instead of heading straight to the camping beach. I didn’t feel like paying $25 to stay at the smelly bait dock so ended up sailing out to the jetties arriving just after dark. I’m liking the ease of anchoring here. If this anchoring trend continues I will be reconsidering the gear I have onboard. 
nice and cozy inside, nasty, wet and windy outside. You can see how little sail I have out. The next reef is bare poles.     


The bridge to South Padre Island a bit after sunrise.