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Some have asked about my water storage as I didn’t build in the designed tanks. I liked the idea of built in tanks and water catchment plumbing but for my personal use I figured to do something different. I ended up using the water tank area for storing other items (batteries and chain). That left the battery area forward of bulkhead 2 open to store something else.

Before the deck went on I tried fitting in all sorts of milk crates and plastic buckets in many different configurations. I finally settled on milk crates for the aft storage area and 3 square food grade plastic buckets in the “forward stateroom”, as some call it. I epoxied tall guide tracks on the floor to keep them in place. I should have also devised something to keep them anchored in a rollover situation but still haven’t gotten to it.

With these buckets I find it easy to adjust the trim of the boat by adding or subtracting weight. Each bucket will hold up to 4 gallons of water or anything else for that matter.


The fitting in the lid is made from common PVC and CPVC fittings, the long tube is to make sucking water out a bit easier near the bottom and is removable if you wanted to fill the buckets with canned goods,dried beans, small change or whatever else you decide to carry.

When I tested the buckets upside down and filled with water, they leaked a tiny bit, so I put a thin piece of weatherstripping in the groove of the lid to make them much more water tight.

I’m happy with how they worked out and like that I could fill them with water or food or a combo, whichever is needed for the current cruising area. They are also easily removable, cleanable and replaceable.