While I’m sitting here on the hard, I find it difficult not to dream about possible cruises in far away places.

So far I’m still pretty well committed to shipping my boat to the northern Gulf of Mexico for next spring and summer or however long my money, stamina and interest lasts. From Florida one could go north for a shot at the Great Loop through middle America or head straight to the Bahamas and beyond. Either route could easily eat up an entire year.

Another trip that looks fun would be to ship the boat to the UK for some Thames and canal microcruising. I once took a canal holiday on a narrow boat, highly recommended. This guys blog continues to inspire me about his microcruising area. From there one could cross the channel and enter the European canal system which seems to go almost everywhere, even dropping you in the Mediterranean if desired.

It’s good to dream, it keeps my head in the sailing game while my body is otherwise occupied here on the hard.