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Universal Paradox Equipment Mounting System (UPEMS). From previous boats I knew how important it was to have stuff mounted where you needed it. On this very small boat I knew there wasn’t enough space to have everything permanently mounted. I went through many ideas and even did a few mock ups to test. In the end it was the simplest and cheapest idea that turned out working the best for me.

It all started with the top edges of the side bins (3/8 plywood). I made a prototype mount for my phone that sat on that top edge of the bin. After staring at that for some time I had the idea to make other rails around the cabin for more options of positions.

Now pretty much all my equipment mounts to those rails allowing me to reconfigure the cabin for different uses. Gear can be securely stored or ready to use in seconds. It’s the design feature I am most proud of on this boat.

My phone mount minus phone on the top rail

Phone mount on side bin

GPS, VHF and phone mounts under front window.


First aid kit


Pelican case




I also have mounts for my binoculars, shortwave receiver, spotlight and others, but you get the general idea.

Not shown is an adjustable angle bracket that allows the ipad or other gear to be used perpendicular to a rail or folded in parallel to it for storage.

Since I use the phone to take all my pictures, I don’t have a picture of the phone in its mount. This phone mount is actually my third prototype and possibly the final. You can take videos or photos through the windows while it is sitting on any of the top rails, using either the front or rear cameras.

I was surprised that even in rough conditions things never jumped off the rails.