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I looked around for quite awhile before deciding on this light, I read dozens of reviews for different lights on Amazon. Their Prime shipping to Hawaii makes them the first place I usually look and I find the reviews from real people invaluable.

First off this is not a flood light. If that’s what you are looking for, look elsewhere. This is a spot light, it casts a nice tight beam way,way,way out there. The low lumens rating is very misleading, the magic seems to be in the reflector.

The unit has 3 settings: low, high and emergency strobe. The strobe is bright enough and annoying enough to be seen from quite some distance. Up close I’d be worried about seizures.

One of my main uses was to locate moorings and nav aids. For this use the high setting was fantastic. I could see well beyond what I thought possible. As a flashlight the low setting works very nicely to trim sails or check the Windex.

I used the light quite a bit and the batteries show no signs of weakness.

This is the moveable mount I made for it to keep it either handy or out of the way.

One final use: one night I was anchored about 40 feet from shore, at around 3:30am I was woken up by a loud splash, then a few seconds later a large rock bounced off my mast and front window. At this point I knew what was going on and lit up the shoreline with my light. It was like turning on the kitchen light and watching the cockroaches scatter. Those punks took off so fast they left behind their shoes, shirts and packs. I lit up the shore for about 20 minutes before getting bored and moving out beyond rock range. I was up at daylight and only then did I see the shivering, half naked vandals return to pick up their belongings. They spent two hours shivering in the bushes. Afraid of a flashlight. Still makes me chuckle.