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What’s the most comfortable material to wear ?
Most people would say 100% cotton and they might be right for regular life, but for extended small boat cruising they would be 100% wrong. At least in my opinion. When a cotton t-shirt gets wet on a small boat it’s going to stay wet and probably moldy until it’s run through a washer/ dryer combo. Might as well toss it overboard.

I prefer quick drying and moisture wicking polyester. Polyester has come a long way in the last several years. I buy most of my boating clothes from Goodwill and I’m a big fan of the Nike fit dri or dri fit stuff and a few other name brands like Underarmor, it’s hard to go wrong with a $4 shirt that looks decent.

Modern polyester is quick drying, be it on your back, on a line or in the laundry. It’s durable, stain resistant, and inexpensive. It also packs up real small without many wrinkles.

I try and wear fresh clothes everyday and carry 5 or 6 sets on board. Usually I can find a laundry sometime during the week or I hand wash a set in a sink to keep me going. Another instance when quick drying comes in handy.

For footwear I carry one pair of rubber flip flops for showering, one old worn pair of Tevas for wading, which you do a lot of on a Paradox, and one newer pair of Tevas for shore use. Now here is where I will lose a few people, I wear polyester sport socks with my Tevas. I know it’s against the rules but so is my microcruiser.

Since I sail from inside during bad weather I don’t carry foul weather gear, but I do carry a fleece vest , umbrella and watch cap. Those are enough for here in Hawaii. I will add a couple more layer options for less tropical areas.

This is me at my fashion disaster best. Comfy though.