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My Paradox is the second boat I’ve used this light on and every cruiser that has seen it in action has wanted one. It’s the Owl light made by Bebi. Unfortunately you can’t get them anymore. Read the story here. There is currently a group doing a reverse engineering project to make them available again, I hope they succeed in bringing it to market, check them out here.

Anyhow, personally I don’t always use an anchor light (sometimes I prefer stealth mode), but when I do I want it to be visible from outerspace. I mounted mine on a small extension to maximize the visibility and the light cast on the boat.

The plug and mount are permanently installed on the hatch.

Only takes a few seconds to get it going. Plumbing parts are one of my favorite things to fabricate with. The plug has a little cover that snaps shut, I also filled it with dielectric grease and never had a problem with it tripping the breaker.

Naturally it also pulls double duty as an interior light when I need a lot of light below.

The light has a sensor to turn it on when dark. Many times I would leave it on to easily find my boat when returning after dark.