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One of the best things you can do for yourself is provide decent ventilation below decks. Doubly so with a Paradox and it’s inside sailing configuration.

My solution is a combination of fans and a covered hatch opening.

This is a 140mm computer fan installed into the vent trunk opening. It is only attached with two screws for easy removal or reversal. I leave it running pretty much 24-7, even when the boat is in storage.

This fan is the same size and made to be moved around on my mounting rail system.

Not all of these fans are created equal. Do your research and read the reviews. Seems like you have to balance air volume and noise volume.

The second part of my solution is a strip of lexan on the back edge of the sliding hatch. This allows me to leave the hatch open about an inch without letting any rain or splashes get in. I also made the lexan for the back window extra tall to cover the back side of the hatch seal.

It’s not much of a gap but along its length it’s several square inches of opening. During my trip very little water got in, even in rough weather. I very rarely completely closed the hatch.


This system is not going to blow your hair back but it will make a difference to your comfort level.