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As with most items on a tiny boat you try to get multiple uses out of what you carry, even the running lights in this case.

I prefer not to put them on the masthead for many reasons. Mounting them on the cabin also allows them to do double duty as deck lights, and I think lighting up the sides of the boat and sail definitely make it more visible and identifiable.

The lights themselves are colored LEDs rated for 2 miles. The stern light is rated for 3 miles. Both made by Attwood. As you can see they are close enough together to avoid yards of extra wires. The sidelights are reasonably well protected by the metal hoops on either side, nothing ever snagged on them.

In these positions they do a great job of lighting up the side decks. It’s also very easy to tell when they are on and working, unlike a masthead light.



The lights draw so few watts that I never worried about running them all night while under way.