This is the first post of many I plan on how to minimize discomfort while microcruising. These tips are things that worked for me on my boat, your mileage may vary as they say.

Knowing I would be crawling around on the floor a lot, basically living on it, I knew it needed some sort of padding. Something durable and waterproof, something that wouldn’t get in the way, something easy to clean, something that wouldn’t be too slippery.

I settled on 2 foot by 2 foot puzzle mats, 3/4 inch thick. I got mine on Amazon. Amazon Prime free shipping is wonderful in Hawaii.

The foam is easy to cut with a table saw and the belt sander makes for nice edges. They are closed cell foam and have a tatami texture pattern molded in to make them less slippery.

Here you can see how they connect and the nice tatami style finish.
I cut them using the floorboards for patterns, and used zip ties to attach them.

I was very satisfied with their performance and they look pretty good as well. Sleeping on them was possible but I usually used a self inflating backpacking mattress over the top for added comfort.

I will cover my sleeping setup in another post.