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Seems like you can never have enough fenders, until you need to store them on your microcruiser. I really like those big round orange ones the fishing boats use. I still own a couple of those from previous boats, but forget about storing them on a Paradox. What I settled on trying is what you see below.

Once again, more of a workboat style, but it just seems right. After messing around with them a bit I figured out I could bungy cord them to the cleat and not have to store them inside. Here they are in the up position.

And here is how I attach them to the boat. I drilled holes through the rub rail and used a knotted loop of webbing. The little clip makes them easily removable.

They worked out better than I expected so naturally when I went to order 3 more for the other side they were no longer on sale. I’ll keep checking back.

Since we are talking about a microcruiser we might as well list some alternate uses:
Emergency throwable floatation device.
Dire emergency life raft.
Anchor float incase you need to temporarily slip your anchor rode.
Too many to list but that’s a start.