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A few people have asked me why I chose this boat over everything else out there. Well, it all started when I was looking for something small, simple, and trailerable. I was moving down from a 36 foot monohull which I nearly always took out solo, which meant I was maintaining and pushing around much more boat than I needed.

I looked at a lot of designs and then I found this sketch by Don Elliot and was pretty much hooked.

This was the kind of sailing I wanted to do and I found out it was called Microcruising.

I didn’t really want to build something from scratch, but it was the only way to get one. So I talked it over with my boat building mentor and ordered the plans.

The plans are jam packed with details and information, almost a sensory overload. It takes much longer to build than a normal 14 foot boat due to all the features that are built in, but worth the extra effort and time. I consider Matt Layden an evil genius when it comes to boat designs, he thinks so far outside the box that you forget there was a box.

The boat has already exceeded my expectations, and I look forward to many more adventures with it.

Click on that microcruising link under the sketch to get more information on the Paradox, microcruising , Dave and Mindy’s adventures in LITTLE CRUISER or to order plans.