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Some will think its ugly or silly, others will wonder why all boats don’t come with one. Which are you ?

I use this bumper quite a bit. A 1000lb boat does not stop on a dime, especially while using the yuloh. With this bumper I can glide perpendicular right into the nastiest of wharfs, then yuloh the stern over. That’s just one example, but you can see the possibilities.

This bumper is made from an old scooter tire I had laying around. I cut the shape I wanted with an angle grinder and metal cutoff wheel then cleaned up the edges with the sanding wheel. It was smokey and stinky work, but I’m happy with result. I filled the cavity with another layer of tire and some scraps of EVA foam I used on the floor, then stitched the corners with copper wire to hold the shape.

After installing it with several screws I pounded it hard with a sledgehammer, the boat and trailer moved but no damage. Just bounced off. Success!

Just behind the bumper you can see the rub rail/ toe rail made from Trex plastic decking. That will be the subject of another post.

So which are you, bumper or no bumper?