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Morning over Hanalei

Since this was the last destination on my trip I needed to get my boat onto a barge and back to Hilo. For this part of the plan there really wasn’t a plan.

I got to meet a lot of nice folks while asking around trying to find a trailer and truck that was willing and able to do the job for cash. Eventually I was successful and after an island time late start everything went reasonably smooth. Below is the result.


I could have saved some money by building a smaller skid for it, but I had neither the time or resources to do that on Kauai. Anyhow it should be in Hilo in about a week. Only one of my sailing friends gave me any grief about taking the easy way to windward but he’s a motor sailor so I just ignored him.

Later that evening I stepped off the plane in Hilo with my shower kit and some dirty laundry I didn’t want to fester all week on the boat.

I would have probably stayed out longer but I just ran out of destinations. At least destinations I wanted to see.

This last shot is a perfect little spot for a Paradox at the mouth of the Hanalei River.