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After a late for me start of 6am. I spent that day and night in the Kauai Channel arriving in Hanalei Bay about 10am. The conditions weren’t terrible but I had to point higher than wanted to hit Hanalei. That made for another rough trip. I managed to get knocked down twice by unusually steep waves. Not exactly sure how far over I went but my ipad chart plotter changed orientation both times. This is one tough little boat though, it just stood back up and continued along on autopilot. No water got in, nothing flew around inside, nothing broke.

I turn this gps on when I’m actively tuning the sail as it updates faster. I didn’t see the 9.7 happen but I did see a few 8s. On most days I catch waves that hit 5.5-6.5 but today sheesh.


Another shot of the bay. Glad I could finally make it here to see it in person.

The dolphins guided me in today so I will have to figure out how to post video.