Last night I decided to go to the Ko Olina Marina and Resort if it looked like I could sail in. It was my first time sailing on this coast and the winds are nasty. Gusting from 5-25 knots and shifting around 30 degrees at a time. I thought it might slow down a bit once I got into the marina entrance but it didn’t. Rather than risk banging into things I backed out and anchored next to the channel to wait for the wind to decrease.

While I was waiting the marina sent out a boat to check on me and offered to tow me the short distance to the dock. As with more and more marinas you are not allowed to sail into Koolina. Anyhow, I’m glad for the tow as the wind was still blowing at 7pm.

The rate for my small boat was not too steep for a treat and I got access to probably the best marina in Hawaii.


I did my laundry even though it wasn’t time just because it was so convenient.

Also I had a nice dinner at the resort.


Several of the live aboards were having a BBQ and I chatted with them while my laundry was going. Good times.

Overall a good experience and a nice treat.